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Home Surge Protection in Bowersville, GA

You, like a lot of others, may be under the impression that having your devices plugged into a surge protector strip will provide you with enough protection; this is a common misconception. By not utilizing a whole-house surge protection system your devices are potentially vulnerable to thousands of dollars in damage.

Problem & Solution

One of the biggest reasons for needing a complete home surge protection system is that a surge will follow any wire into a home - this means that items that are connected to your home through the cable or phone lines are at risk and cannot be protected by using a simple surge protector strip. It is also important to keep in mind that devices like washing machines and dishwashers are so advanced that they too are susceptible to breakage.

The good news is that there is an easy way to protect your home, and all its appliances, from the threat of surges. Generally, we recommend a three tier system in order to sufficiently protect your home. This system includes protection devices at the meter level, panel level, and device level. An experienced team member at JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc. will spend time discussing your options with you and collectively we will come up with a plan to protect your home.

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